Spring planting tips for gardeners in Calgary AB

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Spring planting tips for gardeners in Calgary AB

If you’re looking to start a spring garden or you’re looking for a few spring planting tips if you live in a cold weather climate, check out some of our advice below! The good news is, you can grow in a cold weather climate like Calgary, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer in the springtime before you can get your hands dirty.

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We’ll keep it simple and provide tips specifically for planting. If you’ve got a spot for your garden established and you’ve got a plant bed laid out, you can start planting. Get all of your plants in one spot and set them out (inside their pots) the way you’d like your garden set up. This gives you a little preview of how it will look. You can make adjustments before you start digging.

It’s a good idea to plant your garden from the largest to smallest container.

  1. Trees – First, dig a big hole (one twice as wide as the pot or root ball). Place the tree into the planting hole. If the tree is balled-and-burlapped, loosen the burlap after the tree is in the hole, then cut away as much of it as possible. Straighten the tree and fill the hole one-third with soil. Make sure there’s good contact between the roots and soil, then add water. Do this twice more until the hole is completely full of soil. Run a hose to the newly planted tree for 30 minutes to let it drink in delicious water!
  2. Shrubs – Shrubs should be planted in a hole that is twice the diameter of their root ball. When planting a shrub, the root ball should be just slightly above the normal soil level. Backfill the hole with garden soil, making sure there is firm contact between soil and the roots. Run a hose to the shrub immediately after planting for about 20 minutes.
  3. Perennials & Annuals – Set perennials and annuals in the soil at the same level they were growing in their pot. Make sure the plants are snug in the ground and then water.

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