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Manuel 05 Apr 2018
I love my truck! It has a great look because of its extra details-black stripe and raptor grill. I have received many compliments on my truck. It drives nice and smooth. However. I am disappointed in the lack of heat in the cab, especially to the back passengers. I also find the night headlights are... not the greatest. Service overall is good, however, it really depends on who you get on the phone. Some people are very helpful, while others just seem to want to get off the phone as quickly as possible. Show more
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Donledu 18 Aug 2017
I was chagrined to find my 2008 Ford Fusion completely dead one morning last week while I was visiting my daughter in Calgary, and planning to leave the next day for a trip to Moose Jaw. It was especially disconcerting since I had a new battery! When I had the car boosted by the AMA, the driver ind...icated to me that I likely had an electrical problem that would have to be dealt with by the dealer. Since I have always taken my car to the dealer in my hometown of Edmonton, I decided to take it to the nearest Calgary dealer--Universal Ford. I explained my problem and the fact that I was afraid to turn the car off since it might not start. The woman I talked to said she could get my car in for diagnostic testing 'next Thursday', which was a full week away. When I again stated I was from out of town and in the middle of a car trip, she told me to go to Marlborough Ford, and 'maybe' they would help me! I was not impressed, but went to Marlborough Ford. What a difference! Nick introduced himself, listened to my problem, and worked diligently to provide a quick solution. He was able to get the diagnostic started that afternoon, and while they were not able to fix my car right away because they needed to order parts, I am confident that he did everything he could to get it done quickly. I was fortunately able to borrow my son's car in order to complete my trip to Moose Jaw, and by the time I got back to Calgary this week my car was ready to be picked up, and appears to be running very well now. I am so grateful to Nick, and to the mechanic who worked so hard to get me back on the road quickly. Many thanks! Show more
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SES2011 07 Apr 2014
One of your employee name Sam patiently explained what need to be done to change my winter tire into all season. When he saw my car, he explained what are the pros and cons and give some other options. He asked other colleagues advised and all of them showed their concern for my safety and the maint...enance for my car. They are very much accommodating and kind to help. Show more
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