3 Tips for Disinfecting Your Vehicle Safely in Calgary AB!

By Product Expert | Posted in Service & Parts on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 at 7:57 pm
Man cleaning interior of vehicle

Disinfect Your Vehicle in Calgary AB by Following These 3 Tips! 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are several great ways to prevent the spread of disease. One of these is to make sure your vehicle’s interior is well cleaned, which can be done by following the tips we have here! We’ll tell you what cleaners to use, cleaners to avoid, and what areas you should focus on. Continue reading below in order to learn more! 

Cleaners to Use on Your Vehicle 

The recommended cleaners according to automakers and the CDC include soap and water, when using vigorous cleaning, as well as alcoholic solutions. These solutions should contain at least 70 percent alcohol content, with isopropyl alcohol being the most used and recommended. These two solutions will work to kill the virus as well as prevent damage to your vehicle’s interior. 

Cleaning the steering wheel of a vehicle
Mechanic holding a wrench

Cleaners to Avoid for Your Vehicle 

There are many cleaners that you should avoid using on your vehicle, however, with some of them being common household cleaning items. This includes bleach, hydrogen peroxide as well as ammonia-based cleaners. While these solutions will kill the COVID-19 virus, it will also damage your vehicle’s interior. The damage will include your vehicle’s upholstery as well as the screens and dials found inside. 

Where to Prioritize Your Cleaning 

You should focus your cleaning on commonly touched and used areas, such as the steering wheel and touchscreen. According to estimates by several sources, the steering wheel of your vehicle will have up to four times the germs of your average toilet seat, making it a clear target to clean. You should make sure you get all the surfaces that you use the most, including your wheel, the gear shifter, the door handles, and more. 

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Schedule Maintenance in Calgary AB 

These are just three of the tips we recommend that you implement in order to keep your vehicle clean and sanitized. To learn more about what you can do in order to stay safe and clean, or to have your model serviced in a way that suits you, contact our dealership today!