Ford is Testing Hologram Technology to Use for Designing Vehicles

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford News, Technology on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 8:11 pm
Ford Vehicle Design and Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Technology

Ford Vehicle Design and Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Technology 

Ford has long been on the forefront of vehicle design, and with a new partnership with Microsoft and their HoloLens mixed reality technology, the automaker looks to revolutionize automotive design even more.  

In Ford’s Dearborn studios, their designers have been piloting Microsoft HoloLens technology, which enables them to see proposed virtual design elements as if these pieces were a part of physical vehicles. Instead of the weeks- and months-long process of creating clay models to help conceptualize vehicle designs, the new technology enables them to explore different shapes, sizes and textures of future vehicle attributes in a matter of minutes and hours. 

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“HoloLens allows a whole team of people to collaborate, share and experience ideas together. Mixing virtual and physical models is exciting, because it helps our designers and engineers communicate effectively and ideate to see what the future looks like earlier in the process. This allows great freedom and efficiency in how prototypes are created or changed.” – Elizabeth Baron, Ford Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization Technical Specialist 

How Microsoft HoloLens Technology Works for Vehicle Design 

With the Microsoft HoloLens technology, designers view holograms in photo-quality backdrops through wire-free headsets. They can scroll and preview at the flick of a finger through numerous design variations projected virtually onto an actual car or clay model. This enables the designers to quickly evaluate the design, make changes and determine styling options earlier in development. In addition to the design testing with HoloLens, Ford is also looking into how to bring the technology into more engineering development processes. 

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