2017 Ford Super Duty Calgary AB

The Ford F-Series has been the best selling in Canada for 51 years. Canadians flock to the F-Series for their reliability and capability. The 2017 Ford Super Duty is the most capable heavy-duty pickup that Ford has ever created.

After converting its body to the new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy, the Ford Super Duty shed some weight. A new fully boxed frame that has been built with over 95 percent high-strength steel helps make the 2017 Super Duty one of the toughest trucks on the market.


The 2017 Ford Super Duty’s high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body is lighter and more durable. You’ll see less dings, dents, and less corrosion.



Axles are made to handle 925 lbs. ft. of torque to help the Super Duty on some of the most difficult jobs on the planet.



The 4-wheel anti-lock brakes on the F-450 are the largest in its class, providing better stopping power when you're on the job.

2017 Ford Super Duty Commercial Trucks

The 2017 Ford Super Duty was built for extremes. Whether you’re working far North or down South, the Super Duty is designed to work at temperatures from -28 to 48 degree Celsius. Ford put the Super Duty through its paces, sending it through frame twists, and extreme weather baths — far beyond what it might encounter in the wild.

Whether you’re using the Ford Super Duty for personal or business, you can be confident that its versatility will get a variety of jobs done in the some of the worst conditions imaginable. See the Ford Super Duty for yourself at Marlboro Ford.

2017 Ford Super Duty Configurations

  • F-250
  • F-350
  • F-450
  • Regular Cab
  • SuperCab
  • Crew Cab
  • 6-¾” Box
  • 8” Box
2017 Ford Super Duty storage compartments
2017 Ford Super Duty navigation system
2017 Ford Super Duty commercial truck in Calgary AB
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