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2022 Ford Explorer Features and Specs

Among the vast lineups of SUVs, Ford's 2022 Explorer is one of the best. This beautifully-rugged masterpiece is suited for family and camping duties, with three rows and enough cargo space. The 2022 Ford Explorer is a rear-wheel drive with a perfect architectural design. It makes a statement off-road as an impressive rugged Model.

Available Models

This midsize SUV has three seating rows and comes in eight different models (trim levels):

  • Limited (from $51,449)
  • XLT (from $46,199)
  • ST-Line (from $51,449)
  • Timberline (from $51,449)
  • ST (from $60,549)
  • Platinum (from $65,909)

Driving Aid Features

Every 2022 Ford Explorer has these unique driver aids:

  • State of the art frontal collision alert which warns you about impending collision mitigation (warns you of an impending collision and applies the brakes in specific scenarios).
  • A blindspot rear monitor that warns you should a car enter your blindspot whether you are in reverse or about to change lane.
  • The Ford 2022 Explorer has lane assist which means it can steer itself back into lane once it begins to drift off the lane marker.
  • There is an automatic trailer sway control to avoid any trailer from swaying uncontrollably and affecting the car movement.

Another fantastic feature is the FordPass 4G LTE Wi-fi Hotspot. The Ford 2022 Explorer comes with a 4G Hotspot powered by AT&T. You can connect up to 10 devices, within 50 feet outside the car.

For Climatic features, there is an excellent air filtration system. You also have rear Auxiliary climate control. This means that passengers in the rear can pick their temperature setting with the climate control knobs behind.

Driving Performance

If performance is what you’re after you'll want to go with the high-end King Ranch or the Platinum. You'll get 400 horsepower more than the standard 300-318 horsepower from other models. However, this year, the Ford 2022 Explorer pairs with a 3.3-litre V-6 engine producing a 318 horsepower speed. The Explorer is the only rear-wheel-drive that can tow up to 5600 pounds. The Explorer is the most entertaining and athletic SUV with a stiffer suspension.

The Upgrades

What is different in this year's Ford 2022 Explorer? The 2022 Ford Explorer includes the ST line trim. What is that? It is a high-performance upgrade. The engine of these new models would be a four-cylinder turbocharged powertrain. The Ford 2022 explorer models have a 20-inch wheel and a prestigious exterior that complements the interior. We shouldn't fail to mention the soothing faux-suede chairs with red stitching. This year's Ford Explorer is the sportiest model yet.

There is a wireless charging pad up front that can power up to three different 12-volt outlets to accentuate the smart drive system. The 2022 Ford Explorer is sturdier than its predecessors. It also has a slight return to the SUV roots. This drive has the best EPA fuel-economy ratings. We can estimate consumption to be around 27 mpg city and 29mpg for the highway. This means that the all-wheel-drive has reduced its consumption by 4mpg.

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