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Leasing a vehicle can have many benefits in the grand scheme of vehicle ownership. Depending on your personal tastes and driving style, it may make more sense for you to lease then to finance. If you are on the fence between buying and leasing, please take a look at our list of benefits to leasing a vehicle.


Benefits to Leasing a Vehicle at Marlborough Ford

Why lease a vehicle instead of buy one? For a few reasons:

  • GAS, OIL, & GO Program – What does this mean? Exactly what it sounds! When you lease a vehicle, all you need to worry about is maintaining your gas and oil, and then you are free to go wherever the drive takes you!

  • Lower monthly payments – For those without an abundance of disposable income, a lease is a more attractive option because some of the time it costs less per month than a car payment.

  • Driving new – If you are someone who likes to always drive a car with the latest technology or someone who likes an upgrade every three to four years, a lease will give you the opportunity to do just that. Unlike being locked into a longer term finance contract, a lease allows you to drive a newer car as soon as you fulfill your shorter lease contract.

  • Lower operating costs – When you lease, your new vehicle almost always falls under factory warranty. This means that if there was ever an issue, Ford will take care of the warranty repairs at no cost to you. Unfortunately with financing, you will be out of most factory warranty at the 60-month mark, and everyone knows that most vehicle issues tend to arise in the later years of a long-term finance contract after that warranty has already expired.

  • Shorter vs longer terms – Here at Marlborough Ford, the average lease term is around 36-48 months, whereas the average finance term has crept up to 72-84 months. This means if there is ever a change to your lifestyle, it’s much easier to deal with a short-term lease than a long-term contract.

  • You pay less taxes – Instead of paying the full GST tax amount plus finance interest, you only pay GST tax on the monthly lease payments.

Interested in learning more about leasing a vehicle with us? Then be sure to call or stop by Marlborough Ford in Calgary, AB and ask for our lease manager, Bruce Palin. Bruce and our team at Marlborough Ford would be happy to get you behind the wheel of a reliable Ford vehicle and then help you decide whether leasing or financing would be right for you!

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