A new app from Ford lets you take control of your car with smart features all from the palm of your hand.
Technology is becoming more and more interconnected. Our phones can be used to control just about anything and everything. We have been able to connect our phones to our cars for a while, but things are about to get a lot more practical. With a new app from Ford, we will be able to take more direct control of our cars and trucks.
FordPass is the new app from Ford that gives drivers a more integrated way to use their phone and car. It has a number of great features that improve a driver's quality of life. The app lets drivers lock, unlock, and even start their car remotely with their phone. Drivers will also be able to check on fuel and oil levels, find gas stations, and even parking. It’s an all-in-one app that can do just about anything.
This app changes the game by putting all the information in the driver’s hands. Tire pressure, odometer, fuel levels, and any other piece of info you could need is right on the app. With FordPass, you can turn your phone into a mobile 4G hotspot. FordPass isn’t available on every vehicle, so it’s important to talk with the people at Marlborough Ford about finding the car that best matches your needs and has FordPass available.