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2023 Ford Bronco Overview, Features, Pricing and Specs

The 2023 Ford Bronco is a vehicle that is still very popular. Even though the Bronco hasn't seen major changes to the exterior, it has been changed internally to make it much better. Join us as we take a tour of what this excellent vehicle has to offer this year.

Overview: 2023 Ford Bronco

  • Starting Price: $46,210
  • Engine: 2.7L V6
  • Horsepower: 315hp
  • Transmission: 7-speed manual
  • 0 to 100KM: 9.2 seconds   
  • Number of Seats: 4-5 

2023 Latest Changes

This year Ford takes a walk down memory lane with the Bronco Heritage Edition, which brings back the 1960s look. It comes in two-door and four-door options. This model comes with a white grille, roof and wheels that take you back to the 1960s.


  • Base 2 Door 4x4 - $46,210
  • Base 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $47,300
  • Big Bend 2 Door 4x4 - $47,765
  • Big Bend 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $48,850
  • Big Bend 4 Door 4x4 - $50,715
  • Base 4 Door 4x4 - $50,990
  • Big Bend 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $51,800
  • Base 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $52,080
  • Black Diamond 2 Door 4x4 - $52,420
  • Black Diamond 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $53,510
  • Outer Banks 2 Door 4x4 - $54,095
  • Black Diamond 4 Door 4x4 - $55,370
  • Outer Banks 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $56,300
  • Black Diamond 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $56,460
  • Outer Banks 4 Door 4x4 - $57,045
  • Heritage Edition 2 Door 4x4 - $58,900
  • Outer Banks 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $59,250
  • Badlands 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $60,235
  • Heritage Edition 4 Door 4x4 - $61,505
  • Badlands 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $62,990
  • Wildtrak 2 Door Advanced 4x4 - $71,075
  • Everglades 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $72,220
  • Wildtrak 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $73,590
  • Heritage Limited Edition 2 Door 4x4 - $86,830
  • Heritage Limited Edition 4 Door 4x4 - $90,155
  • Raptor 4 Door Advanced 4x4 - $108,565


The 2023 Ford Bronco is as powerful as it looks. The base trim delivers a combined fuel efficiency of 11.1 - 12.5 L/100 km and torque of 410 ft-lb. This car is a four-wheel drive with a seven speed manual transmission and power steering.

Interior Layout and Options

The interiors of the Bronco feature air conditioning on the base trim along with power windows, door locks, keyless entry and keyless start. It also features multi-zone air conditioning, climate control and heated front seats on all trims except for the first two.

Exterior Layout and Options

The Ford Bronco will give you some major 60s goals with its appearance. The car features automatic headlights, a luggage rack, power mirrors, heated mirrors, a remote engine start, and variable speed intermittent wipers. It comes with an auto-dimming rearview mirror on all trims apart from the first two.

Technology and Infotainment Features

The Bronco features smart device integration, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, steering wheel audio controls, an MP3 player, and HD and AM/FM radio.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Ford has made the New Ford Bronco Sport model sturdy and safe. It comes with multiple airbags, stability and traction control, ABS, disc brakes on all four wheels, and child safety locks. It also features a backup camera, brake assist, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, cross-traffic alert, rear parking aid, tire pressure monitoring, and adaptive cruise control.

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The 2023 Ford Bronco will be available soon and is expected to make quite an impact. You can reserve your 2023 Ford Bronco in Calgary today and don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

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