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2023 Ford Expedition

The perfect words to define the 2023 Ford Expedition are stylish, comfortable, and capable. It is equipped with a modern, stylish cabin that features a built-in air purifier, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a push-button start. It offers more luxury than the higher models, making it one of the best 4x4 SUVs on the market.

What’s New for 2023

The 2022 model saw the addition of the hands-free Blue Cruise Driving technology and the off-road Timberland trim.

The 2023 Expedition will maintain all those features, plus get a new high-output engine, technological updates and a stylish rear redesign. It will come with the premium stereo and SYNC 4 navigation system, plus the Stealth Edition Performance Package with sport-tuned suspension and a much stronger engine.

Features and Specs

The Expedition is an eight-passenger vehicle, which means you can travel with your entire family and their suitcases without any trouble.

It has a good-looking exterior along with a comfortable and well-designed interior. It comes with 32-inch tires in the Timberline model, black running boards and distinctive black Ford oval badging.

The Stealth Edition Performance Package boasts gloss black accents behind 22-inch premium aluminium wheels. Also, a great sound system by Bang and Olufsen includes a subwoofer and 22 speakers.

With the SYNC 4 technology, the Expedition has a 15.5-inch touchscreen to keep you informed, a dynamic digital instrument cluster that gives all vehicle information and customizable driving features. There's also a dual-headrest rear entertainment touchscreen system for passengers along with a total of 8 USB ports.

Performance & Towing Capacity

All Expedition models are equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.5l V6 Ecoboost engine that has 375 horsepower, 470 lb-ft of torque and a 10-speed automatic transmission. An upgraded engine is available that offers 440 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Four-wheel drive comes standard.

The Expedition comes with a regular or extended wheelbase. It also has enough cargo space no matter the trim, as both the second and third rows of seats can fold to create more space.

The maximum towing capacity is 4,218.41 kg, which means you can hook on a trailer for additional carriage space if you want.

Models and Pricing

There are five Expedition trim levels:
  • The XLT starts at $72,285
  • The Timberline starts at $87,815
  • The Limited starts at $86,685
  • The King Ranch starts at $95,725
  • The Platinum starts at $99,080

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