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2023 Ford Explorer

The 2023 Ford Explorer is a perfectly balanced three-row, midsize SUV. This good-looking SUV has plenty of power, superb suspension, and a comfortable cabin.

Models and Price

The entry-level trim for the 2023 Ford Explorer is the XLT, starting at $48,640. Next up is the Limited, which starts at $55,130, followed by the ST-Line at $54,820 and the Timberline at $56,180. The top two models are the ST at $66,120, and the Platinum, which starts at $67,620.


In 2020, the Explorer underwent a major revamp, making it lighter, leaner, and more sporty. It boasts a powerful engine, excellent road holding, a wide range of standard safety features, and world-class infotainment.


The vehicle comes with the ever-reliable Ford 2.3L intercooled turbo inline four-cylinder motor, bringing 300hp and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. It is fitted to all the models except for the ST, which gets a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 that produces 400hp and 412 lb.-ft. of torque. All the models have the same 10-speed automatic transmission, and all come with four-wheel drive standard.


The 2023 Ford Explorer balances good acceleration with exceptional handling, and the four-wheel drive provides a good grip in all road and weather conditions. The automatic transmission is well-matched to the motor, kicking down when required and changing gears unobtrusively.

With its twin-turbo V6, the ST will provide additional excitement for those looking for more speed and handling. It has a stiffer suspension and will accelerate to 100km in just over five seconds.

Those looking for off-road capability should look to the Timberline. This vehicle will carry you over gnarly bits of the countryside with aplomb.

From a fuel economy perspective, the 2.3L engine will return 11 L/100km around town and 8 L/100km on the highway. The ST, with its V6 engine, will give 13 L/100km around town and 9 L/100km on the freeway.

Towing Capacity

The 2023 Ford Explorer is the most capable tow vehicle and will happily pull a maximum of 2,404 kg. This means that taking your camping trailer on holiday will be a breeze.


The Explorer has an 20.3 cm touchscreen, which manages Ford’s Sync infotainment with both Android and Apple integration support.

The vehicle has a wide range of safety features and driving aids as standard, though additional bonus features are available depending on trim and options. The driver aids and safety features work consistently well, making the alerts easy to hear.


Choosing a trim from the veritable buffet of 2023 Ford Explorer models is difficult. If you want good looks, consider the ST-Line. For sporty performance, go for the ST. If offroading is your cup of tea, then the Timberline is bound to suit, and if you want ultra-luxury, look at the Platinum. But when it comes to safety and transporting the family, any of the models will be an excellent choice.

The friendly staff at Marlborough Ford invite you to come in and discuss your requirements, take a test drive and reserve your 2023 Ford Explorer today.