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2023 Ford F-150 Raptor - The Most Powerful Raptor Ever

The new 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor offers power, style, endurance and expert handling in one vehicle. It’s the most powerful Raptor model, ensuring you drive like a king no matter the conditions. With new design changes, a supercharged engine and an upgraded transmission, you can easily win any desert race. Based on the Baja 1000 racing trucks, this Raptor can’t be topped when it comes to off-road desert drives.

What Makes It So Powerful

The F-150 series has always been competing to offer the most excellent and powerful vehicle for desert conditions. The latest F-150 Raptor takes this series to a new level with a performance-driven powertrain and style makeover.


The supercharged V8 5.2L engine gives this vehicle more power than ever before. It delivers a horsepower of up to 700 hp, making it the most performance-driven and robust Raptor yet. With a torque of 867.7 nm, you’ll find no better desert running power than the ultimate design of this Ford truck. The new pulley Ford installed optimizes the torque delivery of the vehicle in off-road conditions. It also changed the exhaust manifolds to be manufactured using cast stainless steel. It added an oil cooler, filter and deeper oil pan to ensure the engine doesn’t overheat while delivering high performance.


The impressive engine and horsepower is not the only factor that ensures this truck stands out above others. The design and carriage of this vehicle ensure it’s desert tough and that the truck’s structure can handle anything the V8 engine dishes out. The aluminum ribbed structural cover and robust front axle ensure the durability of the Ford truck. It also has a unique driveshaft with a larger diameter and is made from aluminum.

Expert Handling

The 10-speed transmission uses SelectShift and has improved calibration to ensure you handle your vehicle efficiently. The shifting desert sand makes it easy to lose control, but the F-150 Raptor will deliver improved stability and handling. The five-link rear cable suspension has trailing arms that are extra long to maintain the axle position on all terrains better. Fox Life Valve shocks, a Panhard Rod, and 60.96cm coil springs deliver a balanced and quality drive. You can also choose between four driving modes: Normal, Sport, Quiet and Baja.

Powerful Design

The new styling changes accentuate the powerful performance the Ford delivers. With menacing black accents on the grille, bumpers and fender flares, its aggressive style makes you feel like a desert predator. The power dome sits taller to create a more imposing vehicle as if you own the desert. This vehicle is also available in eight colours, with two brand new colours available.

Reserve Your Raptor

The new 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor promises to be everything you want in a desert racing truck, delivering the best performance in the Raptor series. You can’t find a better truck than this one, with 700 hp and a supercharged V8 engine. Reserve yours today to ensure you don’t miss out and conquer the desert with ease.

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