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How the 2023 Ford Transit Can Boost Your Business!

Ford has launched their 2023 Transit van, which is here to stay. This article will look at the features, specs and price, as well as the trims they have to offer.


The pricing of the 2023 Ford Transit van is very competitive in the market. Of course, you have plenty of options that you can add, which will affect the final price, depending on the use and style of the vehicle you choose.

The starting prices for the 2023 trims are: Cutaway ($67,955), Chassis Cab ($68,705), and Cargo ($71,450). The prices for the Wagon and the Crew are not yet available.


The Wagon is perfect for transporting people, as there is limited cargo space available, while the Crew is designed for the tradesman, with lots of cargo space in back but with less seating.

The Cutaway and the Chassis Cab look very similar, except for the rear of the cab. The Cutaway actually has no rear so that owners can add walk-through campers, while the Chassis Cab has space to add a load box or a flatbed.


The Transit has a 68 kWh high voltage battery driving an electric motor in the front. This results in the van having a single-speed automatic transmission.

Due to the vehicle having an electric motor, you will not need to worry about all the fuel stops. Instead, there are three charging options -- depot charging, home charging, and station charging at one of the 75,000 stations nationwide.


The Transit comes with a four-speaker sound system, WiFi hotspot and a four-inch multi-function display, which can be upgraded to a 12-inch display with Ford’s SYNC 4 software. The upgraded system also comes with Sirius XM satellite radio, integrated navigation and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

Some of the safety features available in the Transit include forward-collision warning with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and lane departure warning.

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The 2023 Ford Transit van is an excellent vehicle for all businesses. It's fuel efficient, has plenty of space, and can easily manoeuvre around town. So why wait? Call us today to reserve yours at Marlborough Ford!