Our Unbiased Review of 2025 Ford Explorer

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The Ford Explorer is an SUV model known for its spaciousness and durability. It’s also ideal for families and has undergone different upgrades. Recently, Ford unveiled the 2025 Ford Explorer. Following its unveiling, the vehicle model received plenty of comments from various vehicle enthusiasts. This is no surprise. Being the latest version of the model, the 2025 Ford Explorer has a list of upgrades to different features. Generally, there’s plenty to say about the Ford Explorer specs following the 2025 model’s unveiling and whether it’s worth purchasing.

What’s New With The 2025 Ford Explorer?

What’s New With The 2025 Ford Explorer?

Many changes have been applied to the 2025 Ford Explorer in comparison to previous versions of the 2024 model. Some of the changes to the Ford Explorer 2025 specs include a simplification of the lineup and adjustments to the front and rear areas. What are these adjustments? The front has a slightly redesigned grille, headlights, and lower air vents. Meanwhile, the rear area has new taillights. 

The interior space was also improved. In addition to these changes, customers will receive different optional features depending on what is chosen from the changed lineup. Overall, there have been many adjustments to the Ford Explorer's standard and optional features.

Standard Features

Some standard features improved for the 2025 model include adjustable seats and a large cargo space to handle larger loads. Technical-wise, the 2025 Ford Explorer has larger LED screens for digital features and convenient USB ports to charge devices. Aside from this, the model has improved driver assistance features. 

Optional Features

There are two optional packages for the newest Ford Explorer model. These are the basic trim packages and the top trim packages. The basic trim packages involve customers having the option to add more comfortable upholstery and cooler lights. Aside from this, customers can opt for a sportier look for the interior and exterior.

On the other hand, the top trim packages offer customers the option to swap out the interior upholstery with fancier colours and luxury materials. In addition to upholstery options, customers can choose ambient lighting and a fancier interior design that includes door panels. Overall, the two packages provide customers with several options to improve the model's interior and exterior style. 

What The 2025 Ford Explorer Presented So Far

Since the model is said to be slated for the second quarter of 2024, there is plenty to expect from the 2025 Ford Explorer. Some of these expectations may stem from the features revealed about the model. However, there’s much more for customers to learn about the 2025 Ford Explorer and whether it is worth purchasing. 

For those interested in the performance and how much faster the 2025 model is, it can make up to 400 horsepower. This depends on the engine choice, though. Being a Ford SUV, customers can expect the model to handle different terrains and operate efficiently in terms of fuel. There isn’t concrete information regarding its safety and reliability as yet. 

Should You Get The Model?

There’s no denying that the latest Ford Explorer model has convenient changes. However, the most talked-about features are its technical and stylistic features. Given that the 2025 Ford Explorer was recently unveiled, only so much can be reviewed about it. The 2025 model provides customers with more options in terms of convenience and comfort. If this is what you’re looking for, check out what’s available to purchase and reserve yours today.

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