Top 5 Reasons To Choose Ford SUV for Your Summer Road Trip

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Ford SUV for Your Summer Road Trip

Come summer, people enjoy going out on adventures with their families. Choosing a Ford SUV for road trips might be your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable vehicle for your next exhilarating driving experience. 


Reliable For Long Drives

One of the significant benefits of choosing a Ford SUV is its reliability. A Ford is known to be a reliable vehicle that doesn’t break down quickly. In addition, the cars are sturdy, heavy duty and built to take on all sorts of terrains, making it convenient to travel anywhere knowing that you have a rugged vehicle to depend on.


Powerful And Efficient

Ford SUVs offer a wide range of powertrains that focus on delivering superior performance and efficiency. If we look at the Ford Escape, it comes with a 1.5-litre eco boost engine which has a horsepower of 181 and torque of 190 lb-ft. You can also choose to upgrade this engine to get better power.


Seating And Space

It’s vital to stay comfortable, especially when you’re travelling long distances and with Ford SUVs, that’s something you can consistently achieve even with a more prominent family. Not only are Ford SUVs designed to be spacious and comfortable, but most of the latest SUVs also come with high-tech amenities. These interiors are designed to keep you entertained, informed, and comfortable, all at the same time.


Top Performance & Driving Experience

Long-distance drives can take a toll on you when your car needs to be updated. Ford SUVs are capable of delivering supreme performance and offer various drive options so you can handle the SUV better based on the environment or weather. Here are some of the drive modes seen in the Ford Escape.

Normal - The normal drive mode is designed for your regular daily hustle.

Eco - The eco drive mode helps you save fuel.

Deep Snow/Sand - This mode provides better traction on uneven terrains.

Slipper - It helps maintain balance with better traction on wet ground.

Sport - This mode enhances the gear shift handling and throttle response.


Built For All Conditions

As you can see, Ford cars are designed to handle various traveling conditions. This lifts the barrier on where you can head out for your summer road trip to build the best memories. 


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