Expore The Ford Pass Features & Benefits To Owners!

Expore The Ford Pass Features & Benefits To Owners!

The automotive industry is moving at a dynamic pace. Digital solutions and features that make our lives more accessible than ever are slowly replacing the traditional keys. FordPass is an excellent example of how technological innovation can be used to enhance a customer's satisfaction. The FordPass app is a mobile platform that allows Ford owners to gain control of their vehicles. With the app, car owners can access critical information, features and services that will significantly enhance their driving experience. Check out the FordPass benefits in Canada.



FordPass is a comprehensive user-based program that offers customers a wide range of benefits designed to enhance their driving experience while streamlining the car ownership process. Some of the FordPass app advantages include fuel station location, vehicle unlocking, vehicle finder, vehicle health checks, insurance services, service book, roadside assistance, and FordPass rewards.



FordPass Rewards

This loyalty program is designed for FordPass members. Users accrue points When they complete transactions such as purchasing a vehicle or using dealer services. Accumulated Ford pass rewards can then be redeemed for car servicing costs or future vehicle purchases.


EV Charging & Trip Planning

FordPass helps EV owners access EV charging stations. The app maps out plans starting from the driver's departure point and indicates all the charging stations along the way. The FordPass app also provides near-real-time updates on charging status at participating EV charging sites.


Roadside Assistance

FordPass app users are covered 24/7 by Ford's Roadside Assistance program. In case of a breakdown or flat tire, use the FordPass app to request service, and Ford sends assistance.


In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot

The FordPass itself doesn’t serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Yet, many Ford vehicles (typically models from 2018 and newer) come with built-in 4G Wi-Fi, which can be turned on and off remotely through the FordPass app.



Remote Start

This feature allows FordPass members to start the engine and pre-heat/cool the vehicle before entering. Remotely starting the car can be done through the FordPass app. This feature is fantastic for customers who are used to heating their vehicles before heading out on chilly mornings.


Lock & Unlock Vehicle

FordPass members can lock and unlock their vehicles from wherever they are. This feature is handy when the customer is unsure whether they’ve locked their car.


Health Check

The FordPass app provides regular vehicle health reports that inform you about the engine oil levels, mileage, and every other system check in your vehicle.


Find Your Ford

If you lose your vehicle in a car park or forget where you parked, the Find Your Ford feature on the FordPass app will help you locate it and even give you directions.


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FordPass is a must-have app that provides a seamless experience for Ford owners. The featured services would save users both money and time and provide accurate, timely driving information that maximizes the functionality of their Ford vehicles. It will simplify some car-owning tasks, making your life more relaxed. If you require assistance, feel free to consult Marlborough Ford – the top-used car dealer in Calgary. Contact Us For Queries!

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