How do I Connect Apple CarPlay to the SYNC 3 System?

How do I Connect Apple CarPlay to the SYNC 3 System?



How to Connect Apple CarPlay to Your Ford Vehicle

When it comes to entertainment and infotainment features few come to mind as quickly as Apple CarPlay on your Ford vehicle. This feature, and it’s Android equivalent Android Auto, both deliver amazing connectivity and technologies. How do you connect them, however? Continue reading below to find out!

Ford’ Step-to-Step Guide



What Does Apple CarPlay Offer?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both smart technologies that are designed to Work with the Ford specific SYNC 3 system. This allows you to bring your phone’s features and systems right to your vehicle, giving you a ton of applications and features to enjoy.
These features include the ability to access navigation, music streaming, make calls and send messages, all through your vehicle alone! You’ll be able to keep your attention on the road and hands on the wheel with these great systems.



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To learn more about Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto, and what they offer you, contact our dealership today! Additionally, we’ll be more than happy to schedule a test drive of a Ford vehicle that features both technologies for you!

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