How the 2019 Ford Edge All-Wheel Drive Disconnect System Works

How the 2019 Ford Edge All-Wheel Drive Disconnect System Works

The Ford Edge is an excellent choice for a midsize SUV, with its robust engine options, spacious and comfortable interior, and many premium features and advanced technologies. For the 2019 model year, the Edge offers an all-new All-Wheel Drive Disconnect system. A first for a Ford vehicle, the All-Wheel Drive Disconnect system enhances traction and gas mileage.

AI Technology in Ford Edge All-Wheel Drive Disconnect

The All-Wheel-Drive Disconnect provides all-wheel-drive traction when it is needed and helps reduce fuel consumption when it’s not. It utilizes a form of artificial intelligence that can calculate quicker than the human brain. Based on information received from dozens of high-tech sensors, the new Edge can determine in a fraction of a second whether all-wheel drive is needed.

The AI technology receives inputs from dozens of sensors throughout the vehicle. It interacts with the traction control system to detect wheel slip, receiving inputs from the anti-lock brakes to learn if that system is active. Constantly monitoring, the system can detect in 10 milliseconds the need to engage or disengage the all-wheel drive. It can quickly distribute up to 100 percent of the available power from the front to the rear wheels, depending on driving conditions detected by the system.

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Higher Fuel Economy of 2019 Ford Edge

By utilizing the all-wheel-drive system only when it’s needed, the All-Wheel Drive Disconnect system in the 2019 Ford Edge helps conserve fuel, with an estimated highway fuel economy of 29 mpg (8.11 L/100 km). Efficiency is also aided by the 2019 Edge’s new 8-speed automatic transmission, exhaust gas recirculation, and an Auto Start-Stop system, which improves fuel economy by shutting off the engine while idling.


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