How to get your car ready for winter

How to get your car ready for winter

The winter season is beloved by some and hated by some, but no matter your feelings on it, everybody needs to be prepared for the colder temperatures and wintery weather conditions. One of the first things that need to be done is to prepare your vehicle for winter. Cars are subjected to harsh conditions and are expected to provide safe transportation, and some preventative steps will help make that happen.


Taking Stock of Your Vehicle



With a chill in the air, the coming of winter is a great time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle. While many might wait until the snow is actually on the ground, drivers would do well to prepare their cars in late fall before they get stranded in the frigid temperatures.


Winterizing your vehicle simply means preparing it to effectively and efficiently tackle the winter season. Here are a few simple steps to get your vehicle prepped and ready for the snowstorms ahead.


Give Your Car a Tune-Up



The first step in getting your vehicle ready for winter is to schedule a service maintenance appointment at Marlborough Ford. Fluids will need to be topped up, windshield washer fluid will need to be replaced with a specific winter mix, and everything needs to be in great condition. At the Ford service centre, certified technicians will examine the state of your battery because it requires more energy to start in cold temperatures. Hoses will be checked for leaks and cracks, and lights will be checked to ensure that you can see while driving and others can see you.


Clean Your Car



The coming of winter also usually signals the coming of little critters searching for a warm place to sleep. You should take the time to clean your car of any food wrappers and vacuum up crumbs to discourage mice from coming into your vehicle. Weather-resistant floor mats are another good way to keep your car clean and keep mud and snow from staining your car's interior.


Assemble a Winter Weather Kit


In the cargo area, you should keep an emergency kit that accounts for cold weather. After cleaning out your trunk or rear space, it should be filled with winter travel essentials, such as warm blankets, gloves, flashlights, emergency flares, and more in case bad weather conditions leave you stranded. A snow brush, an ice scraper, and even a shovel would also be good tools to keep handy in the winter.


Put on Winter Tires



No matter front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or anything in between, your vehicle should have a full set of winter tires on it. Winter tires are specifically formulated to remain flexible in cold weather, enhancing the grip and improving traction even on snow-covered roads.


Preparing for Winter



Drivers should visit Marlborough Ford's service centre to ensure that their vehicle is prepared for the upcoming winter season. Canadian winters are no joke, and winterizing your car is a necessary step before the snow starts to fly. Marlborough Ford can help with that.


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