When Will the 2020 Ford Bronco Arrive in Calgary?

When Will the 2020 Ford Bronco Arrive in Calgary?

Things are constantly changing in the automotive industry. Most people just wait for the announcement of a new car to get excited. Recently, people have been growing more and more excited about a new car in particular. Of course, there is always a lot of buzz and excitement around any sort of news.Car models are phased out sometimes, it’s a common practice. Bringing back a classic model is something that doesn’t happen as frequently. Ford is bucking trends by bringing back the Ford Bronco for 2020. The announcement has been teased for a while, but we finally have some new information that we are excited to share with you.

2020 Ford Bronco Official Release Date

It has been a long wait for the 2020 Ford Bronco. The return was announced all the way back in 2017 and Ford has been refining it ever since. There aren’t many solid details about the Bronco so far, but everything coming out has us more and more excited. Current theories suggest that the Bronco will be built off of a body-on-frame SUV design that takes inspiration from the Ford Ranger. It is made to compete with the Jeep Wrangler as an exciting and capable vehicle.




There are so many things we still don’t know about the Bronco. Ford will be teasing out more and more details as the months progress. Ford has announced that the Bronco will officially be for sale in the spring of 2020. Until then, we are left waiting for more details to slowly come out.

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