Why service your car at Marlborough Ford dealership?

Why service your car at Marlborough Ford dealership?

Even the best and most reliable cars need a little care and attention to keep them running smoothly, safely, and at their most economical levels. Regular servicing is just as important for Ford cars as for any other make, and while there's no shortage of auto repair shops out there that can do an adequate job, we believe that bringing your vehicle into our Ford service centre has many strong advantages. Here are just a few of the most important.


1) Wide Range of Services


Our expert technicians offer the full range of servicing tasks for every Ford vehicle, whether it's a sedan, SUV, coupe, or truck. From routine checks and maintenance to full in-depth multipoint inspections, we'll ensure your car is returned to you with every part in top condition. Some of our most common services include:


- Oil and filter changes.

- Brake system checks.

- Fluid flushes and replacements.

- Battery and electrical system checks.

- Exhaust inspections.

- Tire checks, rotations, and replacements.


And if your car turns out to need some more extensive attention, we'll give you a competitive quote beforehand so you can decide how to proceed.


2) Genuine Parts


All of the parts we use in our servicing and repairs are genuine OEM components, sourced from Ford themselves or their authorized suppliers. All parts offer the same specifications and high quality as the factory originals, and are guaranteed to fit directly into your Ford with full compatibility. A modern vehicle is only as reliable as its weakest part, so don't risk using low-cost replicas or aftermarket components from other outlets.


3) Dedicated Ford Expertise and Equipment


All our technicians are factory-trained to exacting Ford standards, and are experts in every aspect of Ford vehicle maintenance and repair. And what's more, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all the latest Ford diagnostic and repair equipment to isolate and fix any problems quickly, accurately, and effectively.


But of course, we can also handle the full range of services for any make, model, and type of vehicle, all with the same expert level of quality.


4) Friendly, Professional Service


Lastly, at Marlborough Ford we want to make your service appointment the first of many. We pride ourselves on our friendly expertise, and we'll get the job done right the first time to keep your inconvenience to a minimum. We'll always find the time to answer any questions you have about any aspect of Ford car care and maintenance, and we'll always be upfront about the work your car might need and how much it might cost.


Schedule Your Car Service at the Marlborough Ford Service Centre


Booking in your car for an appointment at the Marlborough Ford service centre couldn't be easier. Simply fill in our 'schedule service' form to give us as much detail as possible about your vehicle, the service types you require, and your preferred time and date. We'll get straight back to you to confirm your appointment, and to give a firm quote for the work you've asked us to do.

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