Does the 2020 Ford Explorer have a quiet cabin?

Does the 2020 Ford Explorer have a quiet cabin?

The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer boasts a sporty new design, improved performance, enhanced off-road capabilities, and many new features and technologies. Another positive attribute of the 2020 Explorer is its very quiet cabin.

Quiet Interior of 2020 Ford Explorer


The 2020 Ford Explorer has the quietest cabin in the nearly three-decade run of the iconic SUV, resulting in a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. Ford’s designers and engineers made the cabin of the 2020 Explorer quieter through use of three noise-reducing elements: a dual-wall dashboard, an Active Noise Control feature, and acoustic glass.

Dual Wall Dashboard in the 2020 Ford Explorer

The dual wall dashboard in the 2020 Explorer provides a quieter ride by minimizing noise from engine vibrations. The cabin is separated from the engine compartment with two walls, with an air gap in between. The dual wall dashboard functions much like the semi-anechoic chamber at Ford’s driving dynamics lab, and according to Parker Lewis, an engineering manager at Ford, it is also similar to the technology in insulated thermoses that keeps beverages hot or cold.

2020 Ford Explorer and Active Noise Control

The Active Noise Control feature, which is offered for the Explorer Limited Hybrid grade, works similar to noise-canceling headphones. With microphones placed throughout the cabin, it picks up unwanted sound frequencies and then cancels them out with opposing sound frequencies that are emitted from the Explorer’s speakers.

2020 Ford Explorer and Acoustic Glass

Another contributing factor for noise entering the cabin is wind and road noise — and the 2020 Explorer keeps this out with the acoustic glass. Situated in both the windshield and front side windows, the acoustic glass features two layers of glass and an inside layer of clear plastic. This creates a nice buffer between the cabin and the outside elements.

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